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We are fully aware of their mission that duty is not only housing, our "urban" and we resolutely put this task on priority programs that the Creator in the ideal, healthy, standard and are the latest achievements of modern urbanism

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Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development congratulatory message on the occasion of the New Year

Mohsen Nariman, CEO of parent company specialized in new construction in the message, the coming New Year 1396 Greetings to all the people and said Rejoice

Mohsen Nariman raised reporters:

In Msknmhr completed before the end of the XI / 2 times per month can do at the College of New opening / delivery of unclaimed & Finishing 29 thousand units / campus with 35 percent physical progress retrieved

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the Director of Civil new cities on the sidelines of the opening of new units on campus said today in Phase 8 campus, close to one thousand units along the entire service infrastructure and superstructure in the opening brought, while 8 months ago these areas even meter did not have the infrastructure operations

Nariman was done with the participation and Mehrabad:

College opened a thousand housing units October 8 phase / two quarters of Sahand and Sabalan operation / partial operation projects available for College

Sahand and Sabalan ritual opening of two neighborhoods in New Town Phase 8 campus with the Director of New Towns Development and Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development was held in Msknmhr plan